Events in Cavallino Treporti
Sant' Erasmo Iland near Venice Sant'Erasmo is an island that is part of the Northern Venetian Lagoon, it's sparsely inhabited but second in size after Venice.
It is one of the few islands in the Lagoon of Venice where cars are present, even if only the residents can drive them because there isn't any way for a tourist to bring his car on the island.

Sant'Erasmo is located in the exact center between Burano, Murano and Punta Sabbioni and its position gives it a fertile land so as to be the Venetian Lagoon's agricultural island, rich in orchards and vineyards: very famous are the violet artichoke of Sant'Erasmo.

The island of Sant'Erasmo is reachable from the "Venice Fondamente Nove", "Treporti Ricevitoria" or "Murano Faro"'s water-bus stop through the ACTV public ferry line or with a private transfer.

The visit of the island provides for a walk through fields and vineyards: you can visit the byzantine Church consecrated to Christ the King on the 27th October 1929 by the Patriarch La Fontaine Romanesque and the Maximilian Tower (a fort beloging to the war to defend the Venice Lido's port mouth) where now you can see exhibitions of art and photography and organizes cultural events.
Festivals and fairs in Sant'Erasmo

On the Sant'Erasmo island, during the year there are various festivals, which are:

The Sant'Erasmo's Violet Artichoke Festival, the second Sunday of May.

At the Maximilian Tower is organized the tasting and the sale of local products and it's discussed the use of artichokes in the kitchen (you can do tastings of dishes made with artichokes).
The Feast of Christ the King, the patron saint, the first Sunday in June, at the village's square.

The Must's Festival of Sant'Erasmo, the first or second Sunday in October.

The wort is actually the "Torbolino", wine taken from white grapes, not fully fermented, a little sparkling and lovable